Hy-Line: The Sustainable Choice

Hy-Line International is committed to developing the world’s most sustainable laying hens. It enables its global customer base to provide healthy and affordable egg protein to a growing world population, while minimizing the environmental impact, preserving our planet’s precious resources for current and future generations. 

Over 30 years of genetic gain on a global scale prove Hy-Line varieties fed more people, reduced its land and water usage, while also yielding more profits back to the customer for every bird. 

Our sustainability commitment may be summarized by the 3 Ps: People, Planet, and Profits

Hy-Line’s commitment is to develop prolific egg layers that will feed more people of the world more economically to make egg protein even more accessible, especially to undernourished communities. 

Hy-Line layers convert feed to egg mass more efficiently, reducing the feed required to produce one dozen eggs by 5 g per dozen eggs every year. Less feed required means decreased demand for grain inputs, resulting in fewer acres of cropland needed to produce egg protein throughout the world. Less grain production required cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Lower feed needs also results in reduced water consumption to produce an egg.

Ever-improving productivity and efficiency in Hy-Line layers creates value throughout the supply chain, improving profitability due to reduced cost. This allows our distributors and customers to invest in new, cleaner, more sustainable production systems and technologies and provide employment opportunities in their local communities.

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 2022 Outlook: An Update from the President

A new year brings new opportunities – new waves of genetic progress, new growth in various markets, new customers to serve along with bolstering relationships with our loyal Hy-Line distributors . The previous year brought challenges with the continuation of the COVID pandemic, interruptions in our normal delivery channels to exports birds and tightening labor markets, to name a few. While these challenges were a very real part of the narrative of 2021, they have served to strengthen us and create new ways of doing business. I am optimistic that our industry in 2022 will continue to prove its resiliency to feed people around the world.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

We have evaluated the role of Hy-Line, as a layer genetics company, in efficiently using our planet’s resources. Throughout our organization, we strive to leave a better, more healthy planet for the next generations while helping to feed the world today. In fact, when comparing the Hy-Line layer of today versus the performance standards of the Hy-Line layers of 20 or 30 years ago, our genetic selections have naturally led to layers that have a lower carbon footprint while keeping our customers’ profitability as a priority. 

Overall, Hy-Line is boldly committed to the following:

  • People – We will feed more people economically to make egg protein even more accessible globally through production of prolific egg layers.
  • Planet – Hy-Line layers will continue to convert feed to egg mass more efficiently, reducing the feed and water resources required for egg production.
  • Profits – Hy-Line layers will create value through ever-improving productivity and efficiency, improving profitability due to reduced costs.

Promoting Profitability Advantage

We must deliver laying hens that are able to yield and even exceed the expected performance. The performance of Hy-Line layers is beating the competition to give our customers a profitability advantage relevant in their local markets.
Innovation and excellence are in our Hy-Line team DNA. We will continue to find ways to exceed the expectations and, above all, continue to accelerate our genetic progress across all our layer varieties to drive profitability for our customers.

As always, I wish you success and thank you for your trust.

Jonathan Cade

 Vision Egg: Exclusive Program for Hy-Line Customers

Hy-Line customers now have exclusive access to Vision Egg, Hy-Line's performance and profitability benchmarking program. This diagnostic tool analyzes flock performance data with recommendations to achieve the highest genetic potential from Hy-Line layers. The information shared with Hy-Line is kept completely confidential.

“Vision Egg benchmarking is a very strategic tool to identify problems or areas to improve performance and profitability with a presentation that is easy to understand,” said Vitor Arantes, Global Technical Service Manager.

Key performance indicators are analyzed and used for recommendations including hen-day percent, eggs per hen, egg weight, body weight, feed consumption, and mortality. The data is compared to Hy-Line flocks and regional flock data for direct and precise changes that can lead to greater economic success for the customer.

“Adjusting small factors within a flock from our recommendations can translate to more profitability,” said Arantes. “For example, if we recommend a change that brings a higher egg output, which can generate a few eggs more per hen housed, this means the return on investment will be potentially higher or faster.”

In addition, the data collected for Vision Egg is reviewed by our renowned R&D team to drive our accelerated genetic selections in the future, which continue to benefit our customers. It provides a more detailed look at the yearly evolution and local challenges, supporting Hy-Line’s global, yet local initiative as the leader in layer genetics.

Said Arantes, “Customers should submit their flock data because it will provide targeted and accurate information to reach the highest genetic potential and save money in an efficient way.”

To take advantage of the unique and exclusive Vision Egg program, customers should contact their regional business manager or technical service specialist. Read more here.

 New Management Guide System Now Online

In an effort to better serve customers electronically, Hy-Line has launched a new online management guide system on The new system’s user-friendly application is simple to access and download important documents such as management guides, technical updates, and supplemental digital content.

“Hy-Line’s initiative to provide valuable resources in the most efficient and accessible manner directly relates to the profitability of our customers,” said Gustavo Wassermann, Commercial Director. “The updated platform is more visual, practical, and detailed to provide valuable answers and guidance to the management of Hy-Line varieties in order to achieve the highest genetic potential.”

The new online guide system contains Hy-Line’s resourceful content and information for each variety with more flexibility and accessibility features. Users can still print the complete management guide documents. The system now allows users an advanced search of key words or phrases, that direct them to specific pages or topics. In addition, more digital resources are now available, such as how-to videos and customer testimonials within each section.

“The management guides bring a wealth of information based on R&D, flock performance, and technical experts’ tips and advice to direct Hy-Line flock management to excellence,” said Dr. Daniel Valbuena, Global Technical Services Manager.

Technical Updates will also be displayed in the new online system. This provides a faster distribution of important updates to our customers with the capabilities to view and print as needed.

Hy-Line Brown variety management guides are the first versions available in the new system, with English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and Russian guides available. Users can expect Hy-Line's other five varieties to be launched in several languages soon.

 Hy-Line Around the Globe

Turkey: Garanti Tavukçuluk Celebrates Growth and Success of Hy-Line W-80

Hy-Line celebrates the growth and success of Turkey distributor, Garanti Tavukçuluk. In the last two years, Garanti Tavukçuluk has increased its local production of Hy-Line W-80 to support the local white egg market. With additional parent stock and hatchery facilities in Turkey, Garanti Tavukçuluk can deliver chicks to multiple countries where it may be more difficult to produce day-old chicks. Hy-Line International is proud to partner with Garanti Tavukçuluk as it creates more demand and business for its customers in Turkey.

(L-R) Melhi Camci, owner of Garanti Tavukçuluk; Amine El Ghissassi, regional sales director for Africa and the Middle East; and Jonathan Cade, Hy-Line president.

Saudi Arabia: GLBCO Saudi Arabia Builds New Farms and Hatchery Facilities

Agricultural Gulf Layers Breeder Company (GLBCO) in Saudi Arabia expands its operations with new farms and a new hatchery. As the only distributor for Hy-Line in Saudi Arabia, GLBCO has been working hard to achieve the highest market share for many years. With the additional farms and technological advanced hatchery, Hy-Line and GLBCO are excited to increase its sales and distribution to support the local market.

Regional sales director for Africa and the Middle East Amine El Ghissassi (far left) and Hy-Line president Jonathan Cade (far right) toured GLBCO's farm, hatchery, and construction facilities.

Mexico: Hy-Line de México Appoints New General Manager

With a solid track record dedicated to the egg production sector, Luis Fernando Navarro Martín del Campo assumes the general management of Hy-Line de México S.A. de C.V., focused on improving quality production processes and technical services to the client, to exceed the expectations of producers, further strengthening the market relationship with the company. Hy-Line de Mexico sells Hy-Line W-80 and W-36 to the local market.

"Hy-Line de Mexico has the right products to the demand of the country and values aligned with what we share with our customers and collaborators. We are strongly committed to adding value, information and profitability to the Mexican egg sector," said Fernando. 

Fernando Navarro is a veterinarian graduated from the University of Guadalajara, specialized in animal production by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and acted as operations manager of Hy-Line de México S.A. de C.V. 

"We are motivated by having Fernando Navarro leading the company, a professional who intensely seeks continuous improvement and customer satisfaction," concludes Edgar Hernández Franco, sales and technical services manager of Hy-Line de México. 

China: Ningxia Xiaoming Registers Hy-Line Pink

Hy-Line distributor in China, Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., successfully registered Hy-Line Pink with the China Ministry of Agriculture after two years of dedicated efforts. With this partnership, Hy-Line varieties for brown, white, and tinted eggs are all available in the China market. Hy-Line celebrates Ningxia Xiaoming’s contribution for mutual success.

UK: Hy-Line UK Customer Featured in The Ranger Magazine

Alex Woollam and his family continue to choose the Hy-Line Brown for free-range production in the UK. The Ranger Magazine, published by the British Free Range Egg Producers Association, is the leading publication for free-range production information in the UK. 

In the words of Shropshire producer Alex Woollam, “we all want a low maintenance bird,” and Alex believes he has found it in the Hy-Line Brown.

Alex entered the sector in 2005 with 16,000 birds on a flat-deck system, recognizing the potential free-range egg production offered in the way of a viable diversification for the family farm. Since that time, the flock has grown to 94,000 birds all housed in multi-tier systems. In that time, Alex has tried several breeds and continues to do so, but Hy-Line is his number one choice and the current flock consists of 30,000 standard Hy-Line Brown and 32,000 Hy-Line Brown Plus.

“With some breeds the slightest stress, not enough fiber in the ration, lights too bright, temperature swings, etc., and they will start to pull feathers and it's very hard to stop,” says Alex. “We have used lorry loads of lucerne on other flocks but we’ve found the Hy-Line doesn’t need any of this and they seem quite happy with whatever life throws at them. Once you lose feathers its terrible for the bird and the financials - feed consumption goes up as does mortality and egg quality deteriorates dramatically. Basically, a high maintenance bird will leave you penniless - this doesn’t happen with Hy-Line.”

Alex believes that it’s the breed’s ability to cope with challenges that results in exceptional livability. “Hy-Line appears to be genetically more resistant to IB viruses, and anyone who has had them knows that sub-two percent whole flock mortality is very achievable. This has a big impact on financials as it means you have a full house paying for their seats!”

Read the full Ranger Magazine article here.

India: Srinivasa Farms Recognizes Two Producers for W-80 Performance

Srinivasa Farms, the Hy-Line distributor in India, recently recognized two of its producers for its success and performance of the W-80. Balakrishna Poultry Farms and Uddanam Agro Farms and Feeds continue to choose Hy-Line because of the W-80's production levels, feed efficiency, and good shell quality to 95-100 weeks of age.

Mr. Vinor Kumar of BalaKrishna Poultry Farms in Hyderabad achieves 95% of the target performance for hen-housed eggs to 100 weeks of age. Balakrishna has been with Hy-Line for four years, and is highly satisfied with the W-80 for long lay production cycles in challenging open house conditions.

Mr. Yougander of Uddanam Agro Farms and Feeds in Srikakulam achieves 96% of the target performance for hen-housed eggs at 95 weeks of age. Uddanam Agro has partnered with Hy-Line for the last two years, and only produces eggs from Hy-Line varieties.

Hy-Line Customer Anniversaries

Azerbaijan: LLC MMZ Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary with Hy-Line

Hy-Line distributor in Azerbaijan, LLC MMZ, celebrated its 15-year anniversary with Hy-Line in 2021. As the oldest Hy-Line customer in the region, LLC MMZ is the largest egg producer with a majority market share. It currently produces white eggs with the Hy-Line W-36, and tinted eggs with the Hy-Line Sonia, to successfully meet the local market demands.

Bangladesh: Kazi Farms Ltd in Bangladesh Reaches 20-Year Milestone

Hy-Line International is proud to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the partnership with Kazi Farms Ltd in Bangladesh. This significant milestone is marked by reaching 200,000 parents per year.

View the award presentation here.

Ghana: Topman Farms Achieves 10 Years

Since 2010, Topman Farms has been distributing Hy-Line chicks. Hy-Line Regional Business Manager Sujeewa Loku Wadguge presented the plaque to Topman Farms in 2021.

Indonesia: Hy-Line Southeast Asia Team Supports CP Indonesia Roadshow

PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk, Hy-Line distributor in Indonesia, hosted a roadshow in October 2021 to educate local layer farmers. The seminar including training sessions about Hy-Line Brown management, nutrition, biosecurity, and vaccination to help farmers achieve the maximum genetic potential of Hy-Line layers.

Hy-Line technical service specialist Santana Made Dewa led educational sessions at the CP Indonesia Roadshow. 

 Hy-Line's New Investment Promotes Highest Genetic Potential
With the investment and implementation of cool cell technology on its research farms, Hy-Line International enforces its commitment to produce high quality chicks. Cool cells mitigate heat maintaining comfortable temperatures for birds year-round. With this addition, animal welfare standards are raised, and the birds are provided a controlled and comfortable environment to express their genetic potential. As a result, more accurate data can be collected and analyzed for the best selection of future generations.

“Investing in cool cell technology at every barn on our research farms, improves the accuracy of Hy-Line selections because the birds can showcase their maximum potential year-round in Iowa,” said Dr. Danny Lubritz, Director of Research and Development. “Cool cells also provide improved welfare standards for birds and employees, while providing more stability to fulfill customer orders.”

The cool cell pads are located on the opposite wall of house fans. As air is pulled inside, it  passes through the pads where water sprinkles down. This lowers the air temperature so cool air is pulled through the house creating a more comfortable environment for birds and employees. Iowa summers can reach extreme temperatures, which can adversely affect several traits. The cool cells regulate the temperature so the birds can express their genetic potential for egg production, egg weight, feed efficiency & livability in the absence of heat stress.

Hy-Line’s technological investments impact customer profitability. The cool cells allow for more accurate genetic selections for customers to receive the highest quality chicks. Cool cells also improve livability on the research farms which provides more opportunities and stability to fill customer orders with the best level of genetics. The Hy-Line advantage and global but local mission will continue to drive success through its customers.

 New Hy-Line Technical Updates

The library of Hy-Line International resources expands with technical updates each year. “Hy-Line technical updates are fast, easy to understand, and important for adaptation to new industry standards,” said Vitor Arantes, Global Technical Service Manager. “By following our recommendations, customers can save time, money, and prevent issues.”


Due to changes in customer sentiment, restrictions on beak treatment practices have been introduced in some countries and are being considered by many others. Full (untreated) beaks are obligatory in European Union organic flocks, and this practice is being voluntarily extended to more barn and free range flocks on a customer by customer basis.

The goal for rearing flocks with full beaks is to transfer the hens with excellent feather cover, good behavioral attributes, good body weight, and high body weight uniformity with good overall body condition. The better overall condition a pullet flock is going into transfer, the better its behavior and feather condition will be throughout the lay period. Factors that contribute to good flock behavior include uniformity, feather cover, and environmental conditioning.

Read the full Managing Fully Beaked Flocks Technical Update here.


Optimal management of the brooding environment is essential to achieve the full egg-laying potential of a flock. It is during this period that vital systems such as the gastrointestinal tract and immune system develop which will form the foundation of the bird’s productive life.

Read the full Brooding Management Technical Update here.

 Hy-Line Varieties Boast Profitability Advantage

Hy-Line varieties continue to lead the world in poultry genetics with performance and profitability advantages for its customers. The accelerated genetic progress and customization of lines to best fit local markets, globally, set Hy-Line above its competitors.

The Hy-Line W-36 drives customer profit through efficiency. The W-36 boasts efficient daily feed intake and the ability to convert this to high egg mass output, earning her the reputation as the industry’s most efficient layer. She gains an additional 8 hen-housed eggs at 90 weeks, and livability remains unmatched with 3% more birds in the house at 70 weeks. Read more about the Hy-Line W-36 Advantage.

The Hy-Line W-80 drives customer profit through productivity. The W-80 is bred to maximize profits by optimizing egg mass output to beat the competition. She yields more 87% saleable eggs in the more valuable large and above egg weight categories compared to competitors. Per every hen housed, the W-80 earns $1.64 more profits for the producer. Read more about the Hy-Line W-80 Advantage.

The Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer, a result of decades of genetic selection by Hy-Line scientists. The Hy-Line Brown offers the optimum balance of high productivity, an industry-best feed conversion rate, and superior egg quality characteristics, both internal and external. She produces 8 more eggs versus the competition, has stronger eggshells than the market average, and consumes 3 grams less feed per egg produced. Read more about the Hy-Line Brown Advantage.

 New Hires and Promotions

Hy-Line International has invested in several new hires to its technical teams, and awarded others with promotions. “With our new hires and promotions, Hy-Line International continues its global but local mission to provide the best products and services to our customers,” said Jonathan Cade, president.

Eduardo de Souza Pinto will join Hy-Line International in the newly created position of President of Operations, effective 1 March. He will have responsibility for all areas of internal production, administration, exports, and logistics based in Dallas Center, Iowa, USA. Read more.

Dr. Travis Schaal will transition into a technical expert role as Technical Director for operations. As part of his new role, Travis will also provide his technical service to customers globally. 

Brittney Roorda was promoted to Director of Marketing. Brittney manages the Hy-Line brand by customizing messages for each global but local market need. This includes management guide updates, website development, profitability advantage materials, social media efforts, and more. 

Samantha Shirk joined the Hy-Line team as the International Marketing Specialist, and will also serve as the Executive Administrative Assistant Specialist. She manages social media strategy, written publications, and event coordination, while supporting the executive directors, sales managers, and technical service department.

In India, Dr. Ravindran Marimuthu joined the Hy-Line Srinivasa team. As the Senior Technical Service Manager, he will provide technical service to customer farms, gather field data, and support improved layer performance of the Hy-Line W-80 variety customized to India. Read more.

Yousef Al-Khuffash has joined the Hy-Line in the Middle East as a Technical Services Veterinarian. His experience in vaccines, medication, and feed additives will support current and future customers with technical advice in the local language.  

Willie Blokvoort joined Hy-Line as the Regional Business Manager for Indonesia and Philippines. In this role, he will oversee the region’s commercial duties and address the technical needs of his customer base. Read more.

Dr. Wansika Visuthsak accepted the role of Technical Service Specialist in Southeast Asia. Her responsibilities include visiting customers to deliver management recommendations to reach the maximum genetic potential of Hy-Line varieties. Read more.