Hy-Line W-36

Efficient, High Performing... More Eggs in the Carton

The Hy-Line W-36 is the world’s most efficient egg layer with excellent livability. The Hy-Line W-36 lays dozens of top-quality, strong-shelled eggs with minimum feed consumption, making her the industry’s lowest cost producer of eggs. With no equal in egg solid content, she’s the only choice for customers who process eggs. The dependable Hy-Line W-36 generates maximum profits for the egg producer.

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Hy-Line W-80

Robust, Prolific, Strong Performance in Alternative Systems, Long Single-Cycle Lay

The Hy-Line W-80 is a robust white egg layer for all housing systems and environments. This bird delivers prolific egg numbers, excellent egg shell strength, and strong performance under challenging environments and low-density feed rations. The Hy-Line W-80 is adaptable to alternative production systems and remains calm for easy management. Its persistency for long cycles of lay means more eggs on five grams less feed. Producers gain more profitability with a feed savings of approximately two kilograms per bird per year versus competing brands.

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Hy-Line Brown

Prolific Producer, Rich Brown Eggs, Hardy Layer

Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer. She produces more than 480 rich brown eggs to 100 weeks, peaks well and begins lay early with optimum egg size. These traits combined with unrivaled feed efficiency, the best interior egg quality in the market and excellent livability give the Hy-Line Brown the perfect balance, which means more profit for the poultry producer. 

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Hy-Line Silver Brown

Prolific Producer, Medium sized eggs, Rich Brown Eggs, Heavier mature body weight

Hy-Line Silver Brown is the world's most prolific egg layer. She produces over 370 rich brown eggs to 80 weeks, peaks in the high-90's and begins lay early with medium egg size. These traits combined with excellent livability and a robust, adaptable temperament, give the Hy-Line Silver Brown a great profile for use in both alternative and intensive production systems.

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Hy-Line Sonia

Prolific Producer, Light Tinted Eggs, Hardy Layer

The Hy-Line Sonia is the world's leader in tinted egg production. She produces more than 425 uniform, tinted eggs to 90 weeks, peaks in the mid to upper 90s and lays an ideal intermediate egg size. These traits combined with a limited appetite, excellent interior egg quality and unsurpassed livability, make the Hy-Line Sonia a favorite in the tinted egg market.

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Hy-Line Pink

Robust in Challenging Environments, Prolific Producer, Tinted Eggs

Hy-Line Pink is a robust layer that delivers outstanding tint color eggs with a strong performance in challenging environments. She produces up to 428 eggs at 90 weeks while maintaining superior egg quality. These traits, plus her excellent livability make her an intelligent choice for the tinted egg market.

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