About Vision Egg

Vision Egg is a custom diagnostic tool used to analyze data and emphasize flock performance to achieve the highest genetic potential from Hy-Line layers with recommendations connected to customer profitability.

All Hy-Line customers are invited to take advantage of this opportunity by sending flock data to their regional business manager or technical service specialist. The information shared with Hy-Line is kept completely confidential. Read more here.

How To Submit Your Flock Data

  1. Contact your Regional Hy-Line Business Manager (Find yours here)
  2. Collect Flock Data you want to analyze (HD%, eggs per hen, egg weight, body weight, feed consumption, and mortality)
  3. Submit data to your Regional Hy-Line Business Manager or to Eggcel.
  4. Wait for results.
  5. Meet with Vision Egg analysts and Regional Hy-Line Business Manager to review results, recommendations, and create an action plan.