Research and Development

Hy-Line International is committed to an ongoing research program designed to maximize profit potential from each flock and to assure even greater returns in the future. Utilizing one of the world’s most extensive gene pools, Hy-Line researchers employ the latest scientific and statistical methods to pursue genetic breakthroughs in poultry breeding.

Experience has proven that nature’s genetic balance is inherently delicate and that improvement in one trait must be made with careful consideration for the effect it will have on other desirable characteristics. With this in mind, Hy-Line geneticists utilize exacting research procedures to preserve the unique genetic balance, while continuously improving performance traits of Hy-Line stock.

With current advances in DNA “fingerprinting,” Hy-Line geneticists are able to select families that possess superior characteristics with even more precision. Hens with outstanding genes are identified by analyzing markers in their chromosomes.

Hy-Line’s program of genetic improvement will continue to be based on tried and proven methods, which have stood the test of time and have brought the company to a position of industry leadership. The new techniques utilizing genetic markers add an extra increment of progress, assuring ever improving Hy-Line products.

Hy-Line’s progressing research program guarantees increased egg production, greater disease resistance, improved egg quality and superior livability. All traits that assure our customers of even greater profits from Hy-Line layers in the future.

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Technical Services

The goal of the Technical Services department is to help Hy-Line International’s customers around the world achieve the superior genetic potential that our varieties offer. We do this through farm visits, disease testing, diagnostic testing, schools, seminars, and technical materials in printed and electronic media.

The Department of Technical Services works in cooperation with the Research and Development department and the Production department to maintain the highest level of biosecurity, health, and chick quality. In order to distribute quality products through our global distribution network, we monitor our flocks intensively to guarantee the health condition of our chicks. Hy-Line International’s state-of-the-art technical service laboratory allows us to test all diseases that we have eradicated in our breeding program and to evaluate the success of the vaccination programs through the most sophisticated diagnostics testing.
Specialists in flock management, veterinary medicine, microbiology, nutrition, and hatchery management coordinate their expertise to offer exceptional technical service. Our own team is sometimes assisted by independent poultry consultants, an approach intended to ensure that the best and most relevant service is provided to our customers on a timely basis.

Every other year, Hy-Line International hosts customers from all over the world at an International Technical School in Des Moines, Iowa. Attendees get acquainted with Hy-Line International personnel and learn the latest technical information through presentations, tours, and hands-on learning activities. The next International Technical Service School will be in 2022. Regional technical schools are also periodically organized in major egg-production regions.

For technical questions regarding the management, health, nutrition, etc. of Hy-Line pullets and laying hens, please contact Hy-Line Technical Services: