Our Roots Go Deep.....
Our Foundations are Strong

The beginnings of Hy-Line International go all the way back to the turn of the last century when young Henry A. Wallace began doing genetic experimentation on his father's southern Iowa farm. From those early, unsophisticated tries at genetic improvement came the dream that was to launch a new company and to eventually revolutionize all of agriculture through the powerful genetic principles hybridization.

Founded in 1936, Hy-Line International was the first of the modern layer genetics companies to incorporate hybridization and the explosive potential of hybrid vigor into its breeding program on a commercial scale and to use it alongside time tested methods of genetic selection coupled with scientific statistical analysis to develop and improve one of the world's most extensive gene pools.

Hy-Line geneticists, more than eight decades ago, developed the world's first hybrid egg laying chicken produced on a commercial scale and through the decades have maintained and improved the genetic product through the use of time tested breeding techniques in combination with blood typing and other new genetic innovations to guarantee ongoing genetic superiority and consistency - bird to bird, variety to variety, generation to generation.

Hy-Line International's dedication to genetic excellence for over three quarters of a century has produced revolutionary breakthroughs in the science of poultry breeding that have not only benefited the worldwide egg production industry, but in so doing have helped to feed the earth's burgeoning human population.

Building on our Heritage

Hy-Line International today is not only the world's oldest layer genetics company, but is the industry leader in all facets of our business.

From day one we have lived by our mission statement: 

  • The people of Hy-Line International are dedicated to the development and distribution of superior layer varieties.
  • We continually invest in research and development to produce the best performing layers to meet our customers' needs and expectations.
  • We support our customers with innovative management tools and technical expertise, allowing them to realize the full genetic potential of our products.
  • We foster an environment of continuous improvement for our people, products, and processes.

Guided by this core commitment, Hy-Line International today has developed a presence in the worldwide industry that has never been equaled.

Hy-Line's distribution effort is backed up by a team of professional veterinarians, pathologists, nutritionists, microbiologists and poultry husbandry specialists who assist customers in solving their individual technical problems.

In order to do this Hy-Line maintains the largest breeding company owned diagnostic laboratory in the industry in Dallas Center, Iowa. Hy-Line specialists at this ultra-modern facility use the most advanced scientific techniques to diagnose problems and provide solutions. It is our Technical Service Department's goal to ensure that every customer of Hy-Line brand chicks gets the ultimate bred-in genetic potential from their flocks.

Hy-Line International has the largest layer breeding stock hatchery in the world at its Dallas Center, Iowa parent stock production complex producing breeders for the domestic distribution system as well as supplying parent breeders all around the world. The central Iowa complex also has a dedicated pedigree and grandparent hatchery, research farms, and maintains grandparent stock farms as well.

Internationally, Hy-Line International has developed a distribution system that covers over 120 countries worldwide. Hy-Line brand brown and white egg birds are sold in the northern and southern hemispheres and from the arctic to the Antarctic through a network of national distributors, wholly owned subsidiaries and joint venture organizations.

Into the Future with Confidence

With our eyes to the future, Hy-Line International is investing heavily in the modern tools of genetics, which are now becoming available to science. The chicken genome is being studied by Hy-Line molecular geneticists in order to mark and use genes of economic significance. These studies have the awesome potential to yield tremendous genetic breakthroughs in chicken performance in the future. In fact, Hy-Line International today is the only layer breeding company in the world to have its own molecular biology laboratory.

At the same time, however, we use the newest tools of genetics to augment the time tested systems that have given Hy-Line International such unequaled success in the past. We take advantage of the new techniques where they apply, but will not discard the old.

Hy-Line International began as a pioneer exploring the unknown potential of genetics. The success that we have attained has not changed us. As a company we still possess and cherish that same spirit of discovery. We are committed, prepared and ready to be the pioneers in the poultry genetics of the new millennium.