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Technical Library

Weekly Performance Standards Tables - COMMERCIAL & PARENT STOCK

Body Weights and Uniformity Calculator (Metric units)

Body Weights and Uniformity Calculator (Imperial units)

Hy-Line Nutritional Levels


Technical Updates

Optimizing Egg Size in Commercial Layers

Fly Management: Surveillance and Control

Salmonella, Mycoplasma, and Avian Influenza Monitoring in Parent Breeder Flocks

Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT)

Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome

Optimizing Hy-Line Brown Male Parent Performance

Optimizing Hy-Line Sonia Male Parent Performance

SPIDES (Short Period Incubation During Egg Storage)

Impact of Tarp Color on Poultry Lighting

Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD, Gumboro) 

Feed Granulometry and the Importance of Feed Particle Size in Layers

Avian Urolithiasis (Visceral Gout)

Fowl Pox in Layers: An Overview

Infrared Beak Treatment

Understanding Heat Stress in Layers: Management Tips to Improve Hot Weather Performance

Understanding Poultry Lighting: A Guide to LED Bulbs and Other Sources of Light for Egg Producers

Colibacillosis in Layers

Proper Collection and Handling of Diagnostic Samples
Part One: Serology and Blood Collection

Part Two: FTA Cards

Part 3: Swabs

Part 4: Tissue Collection and Submission for Histopathology


The Science of Egg Quality

An Overview of Focal Duodenal Necrosis (FDN)

MG Control in Commercial Layers

Understanding the Role of the Skeleton in Egg Production

Hy-Line Research Presentations

Investing in Your Future (English)
Invirtiendo en su Futuro (Spanish)
Investing in Your Future (Russian)
Investir dans votre avenir (French)