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Lighting Program

Egg production is very closely related to the changes in day length. Body weight gain during grow, egg numbers, egg size, livability, and total profitability can be favorably influenced by a proper lighting program.
When open-type houses which allow natural daylight to affect the flock are used, the lighting program must be planned in conjunction with changes in the natural day length. Because no two places have the same sunrise-sunset times year-round, custom lighting programs for any location worldwide are available. Grandparent flocks can use the settings for parent flocks.
The customizable lighting program is available in multiple languages and will create a downloadable spreadsheet with sunrise and sunset times for any location in the world and the lighting program for your flock. The following are screenshots from the lighting program (see also the section on Basic Rules of Lighting).

Lighting program available in different languages around the world


Example from the lighting program, showing weekly changes in artificial light (blue bars).


Example from the lighting program, showing the actual times for turning the artificial lights on and off (as well as local sunrise and sunset times).

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