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Floor Systems

The Hy-Line laying hens can be used successfully in floor systems due to their good livability and nest behavior when the birds have been appropriately socialized. It is important to provide the birds with the best possible floor environment to achieve the performance potential of the Hy-Line laying hen. It is essential to grow the birds on the floor when they will be housed in floor systems for the laying period.
Ensure that the feed and water systems in the growing and layer facilities are compatible. Check the lighting program and intensity and synchronize with the growing house. The Hy-Line laying hen will need bright light of at least 20 lux (2.0 foot-candles), and it is important not to have any shadows in the house. Dark areas outside the nests will encourage floor eggs. Upon arrival, allow the pullets access to nests during the day they arrive. Place the pullets on the slats at housing. Walk the birds several times daily, particularly in the morning, to ensure the birds are finding feed and water. Pay special attention to nest training and make sure the house is equipped with perches.
The litter area in layer houses should not be more than 60 cm (24 in) below the slat area. Position lights to eliminate shadows on the litter below the slat area. Position lights to provide the brightest light intensity over the litter or resting areas and the lowest light intensity at the front of the nest boxes. Flocks housed in all-slat houses should also be grown on slat or wire floors.

Recommended floor densities1

1See the Floor Growing section for floor-space recommendations in grow and for breeders in grow and lay.


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