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Socialization of Birds

It is important to socialize the birds raised on the floor and in cages to humans by walking through the house daily. It is recommended that the birds be walked 4 times per day with a 2-hour interval between walkings. This would give the birds time to relax and settle between walkings. Brighten the house and walk briskly through the house to improve the process of socialization.

For breeders, males and females should be grown together to allow socialization and to avoid mating problems as adults. When males are grown separately from females, the males should be intermingled with pullets from 3 weeks of age. When males are weaker than females at hatch, house males separately until week 3 of age. If males continue to be weaker than females after 3 weeks of age, intermingle males with females at a 1:1 ratio through the growing period.

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