May 4, 2023

Hy-Line Welcomes Srinivasa General Manager

(L-R) Thomas Dixon, Global Product Manager; Dr. Daniel Valbuena, Technical Services Manager - Management; Gustavo Wassermann, Commercial Director; Harsha Chitturi, General Manager - Operations of Srinivasa; Jonathan Cade, President; Brittney Roorda, Planning and Logistics Director; Vitor Arantes, Technical Services Manager - Nutrition.

Management from Hy-Line International had the pleasure and honor to receive Mr. Harsha Chitturi of Srinivasa company at our Dallas Center Iowa Campus. Srinivasa distributes Hy-Line day-old chicks into the India market experiencing phenomenal growth in the first five years as Indian farmers realize the income potential of the Hy-Line W-80. India is now considered to be the second largest egg market in the world as it grows to feed its world-leading human population. Hy-Line and Srinivasa work together to develop the strategies to best meet the unique needs of the Indian egg market.